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Each month we meet to discuss planning, zoning and development issues and address challenges facing Philadelphia, its neighborhoods, and the region. These challenges are constantly evolving and, as we address them in real-time, we want to make sure the public has access to good information and that Philadelphians are well-informed about the forces and decisions that reshape our city.

Development Workshop Monthly Speakers:
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Reports Archives

Presentation: SEPTA Partnerships - Regional Recovery Initiatives and Employer Toolkit - May 2021

Report of the Special Committee on Poverty Reduction and Prevention

Download City Council's Poverty Action Plan herePublished March 2020

Narrowing the Gap: Strategies to Alleviate and Prevent Poverty in Philadelphia

Download City Council's report herePublished March 2019

Presentation: Philadelphia’s Housing Market: Where Are We…and Where Are We Headed?

Kevin C. Gillen, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow, Lindy Institute for Urban Innovation, Drexel U. presented the state of Philadelphia's Housing Market. Download the presentation here.

Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia - Opportunity Zones Case Study

Lei Ding and Peter Birke explore how Opportunity Zones were selected in Philadelphia, and how they compare with the eligible neighborhoods that were not selected. Download the report here.

Growing with Equity: Philadelphia’s Vision for Inclusive Growth

Economic growth is essential to ensuring increased economic opportunities for Philadelphians, yet growth left to its own devices — rather than fostered intentionally to promote inclusion — can exacerbate inequality and impact affordability. The goals and strategies outlined in this plan tie together current programs and new initiatives into a framework that advances growth with equity. You can view the Executive Summary and Full Report.

Housing for Equity: An Action Plan for Philadelphia

The Plan is a shared effort between the Mayor's Office, City Council, and a broad group of community stakeholders. It addresses homelessness and eviction, production and preservation, affordable, workforce, and market-rate housing as well as offering innovative and effective strategies to address Philadelphia's housing needs.


CIVIC INFRASTRUCTURE: A Model for Civic Asset Reinvestment

Elizabeth Greenspan & Randall Mason from PennPraxis released a March 2017 white paper on urban infrastructure and public/private partnerships.


State of University City 2017

The State of University City report provides a guide to the developments – academic, commercial, public, residential and more – that are driving 22 million square feet of planned growth and expansion in the neighborhood.


Central Philadelphia Development Corporation: Philadelphia 2019: Strengths, Opportunities, Challenges

Central Philadelphia Development Corporation hosted a panel discussion with business leaders and asked them to highlight both the opportunities for more dynamic job growth in 2019 and the challenges and hurdles that Philadelphia needs to overcome to capitalize on these opportunities. A presentation is included from the event.

Historic Preservation Task Force: Final Report

To help understand the dynamics of the relationship between historic preservation and new construction in Philadelphia today, Mayor Jim Kenney convened the Philadelphia Historic Preservation Task Force in 2017 and charged it with offering actionable recommendations to help balance preservation and new construction. The task force has released its final report and executive summary

City of Philadelphia: Property Tax Abatement Studies

This year the City conducted a new study of Philadelphia's 10-year Property Tax Abatement.  The study was commissioned by the Finance Department to better inform the public debate and City Council's deliberations over the Mayor's proposed Budget and Five Year Plan. You can find the full 2018 study here and the overview here



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Find government, business, property and residential information about the City of Philadelphia.

Office of Economic Opportunity
Build networks with minority, disabled and women-owned businesses with the City of Philadelphia and private industry.

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