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NYC Office Adaptive Reuse Task Force Releases Study

The Office Adaptive Reuse Task Force explored opportunities to convert outdated office space to other potential uses, especially housing. The Task Force was established by Local Law 43 and culminated in the January 2023 Office Adaptive Reuse Study.

The Task Force called for 11 legal and regulatory reforms that would increase opportunities for productive conversions and help ensure NYC’s central business districts remain vibrant, adaptable, and successful over the long term.

This work directly supports the Making New York Work for Everyone Action Plan, a broader examination of the future of New York City and its economy.

Read the Office Adaptive Reuse Study

Recommendations include allowing most office buildings constructed in 1990 or before to convert. By moving the eligibility date to 1990, the City could enable new homes for as many as 40,000 New Yorkers in the next 10 years.

While conversion is expected to be a practical option for a limited share of those buildings, expanding the options is important to support investment and vitality of our business districts.

Other recommendations include a tax incentive program to support affordable housing in conversions and an incentive for retrofitting space for childcare facilities. Read the full report here.

Read the Report Appendices

  • Appendix 1: July 20, 2022 task force meeting

  • Appendix 2: September 22, 2022 task force meeting

  • Appendix 3: October 19, 2022 task force meeting

  • Appendix 4: November 16, 2022 task force meeting

  • Appendix 5: December 7, 2022 task force meeting

Membership The Task Force included 12 experts appointed by the Mayor, City Council Speaker, and Public Advocate, with NYC Planning Director Dan Garodnick as Chair.


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