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Fostering Development

Growing Philadelphia

Our mission.


We Are Developers. Lenders. Architects. Investors. Lawyers. Economists. Engineers. City Planners. And What Do We Have In Common? Promoting development in the Philadelphia region and investing in the economy for generations to come.

Who we are.


The Development Workshop and its 40 plus members include Philadelphia’s most prominent real estate developers, architects and designers, former public planning and development officials, civil engineers, lawyers, consultants, brokers, economists and lenders.  

What we do.


We work to foster investment that strengthens the tax base, supports development, creates jobs

and repopulates a City that once had 2.2 million people.

Build partnerships.


We work closely with like-minded organizations to advocate for responsible economic development policy in Philadelphia, including the Building Industry Association, the Philadelphia Cross-town Coalition, the Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors, and the Urban Land Institute, among others.

Create Jobs.


Each year, Development Workshop members create thousands of jobs in the construction industry throughout our region.

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Development Workshop members are responsible for some of the most important real estate projects in the City and region that demonstrate high quality urban design and bring vitality to the public realm.

Promote diversity in development.


Our membership is diverse and varied, representing residential and commercial developers, small and large projects, and minority and women-owned business operators.

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Invest in Philadelphia.


Collectively, our members are responsible for billions of dollars in economic development activity and employ thousands of people throughout the region. Currently, Development Workshop members are pursuing or supporting projects in every one of the City’s ten Council Districts and throughout the region.

Public Advocacy.


We regularly state the case to facilitate development that will grow the population, create jobs and strengthen the tax base in the region.

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Each month we meet to discuss planning, zoning and development issues and address challenges facing Philadelphia, its neighborhoods, and the region. These challenges are constantly evolving and, as we address them in real-time, we want to make sure the public has access to good information and that Philadelphians are well-informed about the forces and decisions that reshape our city.

Contact us.


Have an idea to build Philadelphia or want to join our coalition? Fill in

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