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DAVID W. FELDMAN, Executive Director

Mr. Feldman became the Executive Director of the Development Workshop in 2016, after serving as President of the sustainable development company Right Sized Homes LLC. He is currently adjunct faculty at Temple University’s Department of Architecture and Environmental Design where he educates on issues surrounding neighborhood and regional development and housing policy.

Formerly, Mr. Feldman served as Executive Director for Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia and Senior Program Officer (COO/CFO) for the Local Initiatives Support Corporation Philadelphia program office and is a registered architect and licensed realtor.

Mr. Feldman has worked as an architect for leading Philadelphia practices BLT Architects, Ewing Cole, Cecil Baker, and Agoos Lovera on adaptive use, historic preservation, healthcare, and residential and mixed-use development projects. Some of his many successes include the Wanamaker’s flagship store rehabilitation, the Forrestal Village mixed-use development in New Jersey, and the conversion of the Pennsylvania Railroad Tower in Pittsburgh into the downtown’s first large-scale residential project.

Mr. Feldman graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s degree in Design of the Environment, after which he went on to receive a Graduate Certificate from the Wharton School, earn a Masters in Architecture, with a concentration in Urban Design at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, and conduct research on Urban Gentrification at the Architectural Association in London.

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