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What We're Reading: Week of February 20, 2023

What We're Reading

Here's what we're reading this week about the projects, people and policies driving local development:

The Inquirer produced an interactive map of where the 10 year real estate tax abatement was used from the year 2000 through 2020

by Jake Blumgart and Kasturi Pananjady, Feb 14, 2023

Advocacy groups staged a program to call on all Mayoral candidates to establish a “zero waste” agenda as part of their campaign platform

by Sophia Schmidt, Feb 1, 2023

Mayor Nutter grilled candidate Jeff Brown in a “candidate interview” series held by The Philadelphia Citizen for Mayoral candidates

by Anna Orso, Feb 1, 2023

Montgomery County State Rep Mary Jo Daley is optimistic that with the new PA House in session, a new bill to study conservation corridors could move forward

by Cassie Miller for the PA Capital-Star, Feb 1, 2023

The latest parking problem in Philadelphia is making it harder for neighborhood schools to recruit and retain teachers

by The Philadelphia Inquirer Editorial Board, Updated Feb 21, 2023

The Inquirer analyzed data from the past two mayoral primary elections and other recent elections to divide the city into six definable groups of voters, and mapped them by division to identify large groups of voting blocs that will require different approaches by the current large field of mayoral candidates

by Aseem Shukla and Julia Terruso, Feb 21, 2023

The current Eagles roster had a stellar season, performed stellar civic engagement and support off the field

by Aly Kerrigan and Ethan Young, Feb 10, 2023

Philadelphia Housing Authority opened up its Housing Choice Voucher waitlist for the first time in years and received over 36,000 applications for the 10,000 available slots that will take three to five years to all be housed

by Aaron Moselle, Feb 10, 2023

Kevin Gillen and Mark Zandi provide their analysis of the current state of Philadelphia’s home sale market

by Aaron Moselle, Feb 15, 2023

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