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What We're Reading: Week of December 19, 2022

What We're Reading

Here's what we're reading this week about the projects, people and policies driving local development:

This sampling of senior members of Governor-Elect Shapiro’s Transition Team highlights the breadth of opinion being brought to the table as Shapiro lays out his incoming administration and its priorities and goals

by Katie Meyer of Spotlight PA, Updated Dec 20, 2022

The St James, off Washington Square, sold for over $220 million, at an average price per unit of over $700,000

by Paul Schwedelson, reporter for the Philadelphia Business Journal, Dec 16, 2022

In covering the Council President’s announcement for a limited overlay enabling a real estate tax abatement for new affordable housing development, the Inquirer found widespread calls for the affordable housing incentive to be applied citywide

by Jake Blumgart for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Dec 15, 2022

⚽ Three youth coaches in South Philly make a plea for the FDR Park plan that includes regulation quality playing fields 🥅

by WARREN ABBOTT, AMOS HURON AND LUISE URIBE, guest columnists for The Philadelphia Citizen, Dec 12, 2022

After Rebecca Rhynhart resigned from the Controller’s position to run for Mayor, speculation ensued as to the steps to fill the position and the race to fill the remainder of her term

by Sean Collins Walsh for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Updated Dec 7, 2022

Former Mayor Nutter lays out the role of public safety in the mayoral race in 2023 and how the business community can be relevant in the election

by Jeff Blumenthal, reporter for the Philadelphia Business Journal, Dec 2, 2022

🏚️🧱 Counties across Pennsylvania can begin to apply to participate in the newly created and funded Whole Home Repair program to address aging homes needing repair, to coordinate home services available to low and moderate income homeowners and small landlords, and to help train more skilled building trades employees to provide home repairs

by Michaelle Bond for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Updated Nov 22, 2022

A new report researched and authored by Kevin Gillen, points out how landlord tenant rules passed by City Council may actually exacerbate rental housing affordability, given the differences in landlord profile in Philadelphia as compared with other cities that Council members study, something that was also highlighted in Pew’s report on “Who are Philadelphia’s Landlords”.

The University of Pennsylvania announced that it is divesting its endowment of all fossil fuel companies

by Ryan Mulligan for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Nov 30, 2022

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