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What We're Reading: 7/30/18

What We're Reading

Here's what we're reading this week about the projects, people and policies driving local development:

8/1/18, Michaela Winberg

Mayor Kenney’s long-term Chief of Staff is moving on and Jim Engler will be the new Chief of Staff.

8/2/18, Kevin C. Gillen

Kevin Gillen’s latest deep dive into the long term impact of the real estate tax abatement shows that the tax abatement is a critical element to providing enough value to new construction to cover the high cost of construction in Philadelphia.

6/27/18, Nina Feldman

In a new twist on providing affordable housing, the City of Philadelphia is providing funds to provide housing for parents who need appropriate housing to be reunited with their children.

6/30/18, Jacob Adelman

Liberty Property Trust adjusted its expectations for Camden Waterfront development.

8/10/18, Anna Kramer

Another study on the positive effects of cleaning and greening vacant lots was conducted by Penn over three years, showing positive effects on mental health, and reduced crime in areas where vacant lots were maintained by PHS.

7/24/18, Jim Saska

The Parking Authority responded to questions about it falling short of the funding goal to be provided from PPA revenue to the Philadelphia School District.

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