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What We're Reading: 6/30/2018

Here's what we're reading this week about the projects, people and policies driving local development:

6/28/18, Jake Blumgart

Now that the Spring Council session has recessed, PlanPhilly’s Jake Blumgart provides a summary of Council bills they have covered.

Philly 3.0 sums up the recent round of bills related to housing costs in Philadelphia, starting with the construction privilege tax, as Council winds up its spring session, wondering why they are crafting “solutions” before the problems are defined.

6/25/18, Jared Brey

Housing advocates are among the ones most displeased with the compromises crafted by the Council President to garner “middle neighborhood” Council votes.

6/20/18, Jake Blumgart

City Council approved 81 Keystone Opportunity Zones, pending State approval of any or all of them.

6/21/18, Ryan Briggs

Council’s last session before their 12 week summer recess was a marathon of bill passage, including a few tight votes, and a bill was introduced to extend real estate tax relief for seniors who own cooperative apartments.

6/27/18, Nina Feldman

In a first-in-the-nation program, Philadelphia’s Department of Human Services is providing housing subsidies to prioritize stable, quality housing for parents where housing stability is the final hurdle to reunify families.

6/26/18, Tom McDonald

Philadelphia’s Eviction Task Force announces findings, and rolls out its report (posted elsewhere on our website), including recommendations for short term subsidies, subsidies for security deposits and low-interest loans for small landlords (owning 1-4 units).

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