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What We're Reading: 5/28/2018

Here's what we're reading this week about the projects, people and policies driving local development:

5/21/18, Nick Frontino

The Economy League of Greater Philadelphia makes the argument for a more rational, transparent approach to identifying new revenue sources for affordable housing programs in Philadelphia.

5/19/18, Jake Blumgart

Philadelphia City Council is proposing to provide D&O insurance for RCO’s to protect against suits rising from their City defined role in the development review process.

5/18/18, Michaelle Bond

City looks to crowd source better government forms, following the example of other cities, but with the local twist of offering free hoagies.

5/15/18, Julia Terruso

New federal regulations allow local housing authorities to adjust rental housing vouchers by zip code to enable voucher holders the ability to meet market rents in neighborhoods of “higher opportunity”.


Senate to vote on new Commissioner of Federal Housing Authority.

5/10/18, Marty Moss-Coane with Harris Steinberg, Paul Steinke, Leo Addimando

Marty Moss-Coane had an hour’s discussion of preservation and development in Philadelphia; follow the link to listen to the podcast and read a summary.


As Fishtown, Graduate and Point Breeze run out of available building lots, new construction permit applications are picking up in adjacent neighborhoods.

5/16/18, Jacob Adelman

Three competing proposals to redevelop the former Provident Mutual site at 46th and Market got thrown a late change in how much of the site is actually available for redevelopment.

5/23/18, Jake Blumgart

With a long list of opponents scheduled to testify against increased parking minimums, an amended bill was introduced at the Rules Committee hearing.

5/23/18, Jake Blumgart

In a rare intervention, former Mayor Green “takes Councilman Jones to the woodshed” over a bill to erect digital billboards in Fairmount Park; the bill gets held.

5/24/18, Malcolm Burnley

ReBuild passed one more hurdle on its move forward, as a sticking point between the Mayor and Council was resolved to get approval out of Committee.

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