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What We're Reading: 5/18/2018

Here's what we're reading this week about the projects, people and policies driving local development:

5/9/18, Dale Mezzacappa, Avi Wolfman-Arent

In light of additional revenue from the recent 10.5% in value of taxable real estate across the city, Council grilled School Superintendent Hite on the need to further increase taxes to provide more funding for the School District this year.

5/9/18, Jake Blumgart

As Council winds up budget hearings, PlanPhilly summarizes lines of questioning on the newly proposed construction privilege tax, proposed tweaks to the real estate tax abatement, increased property assessments and programs that provide tax relief to low income homeowners.

5/8/18, Jake Blumgart

L&I Commissioner Dave Perri proposes legalization of rooming houses as a public safety measure, so bring existing rooming houses out of the shadows and into building code compliance.

5/12/18, Malcolm Burnley

New battle lines are drawn on how and when to start ReBuild, with the Mayor’s recent letter to Council complaining about Council delays.

Renters are increasingly renting single family houses.

4/30/18, Kevin Gillen

What happens when a homeowner’s tax abatement expires? Kevin Gillen hunts down the answer.

5/16/18, Larry Platt

Testimony by the City Treasurer was lightly attended by Council members, but Councilman Domb grilled the department, incredulous at how long the City has left its fund accounts unreconciled.

5/16/18, Jake Blumgart

Back to the future: Just when you thought the 20th century was over, Council members first elected in the 20th century try to resurrect that century’s parking requirements.

5/16/18, Diana Lu

How does Philadelphia compare with peer cities on several healthy quality of life standards?

5/16/18, Diana Lu

RiverWards Group plans a lower cost new construction condo development in South Kensington, with 146 units ranging from $160k to $280k per unit.

5/17/18, Malcolm Burnley

The Mayor and Council continue to spar over the ReBuild program’s stalled status due to Council’s non-approval of the construction process.

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