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What We're Reading: 4/27/2018

Here's what we're reading this week about the projects, people and policies driving local development:

4/19/18, Claudia Vargas

City Council questions the methodology behind this year’s residential property assessments, and calls for an audit.


The City woos another potential tech employer—the US Army’s Future’s Command Center.

4/24/18, Grace Shallow

Commonwealth Court rules that City is not immune to eminent domain claims against it for land occupied and cared for by private citizens.

2/24/18, Larry Platt

The Philadelphia Citizen profiles Jerry Sweeney’s “can do” civic leadership style hoping it will spread to the complacent political leaders of the city.

4/25/18, Jim Saksa

As former Love Park has its second soft opening, criticisms mount.

4/26/18, Diana Lu

The Federal Reserve’s latest report shows that Philadelphia’s range of anti-displacement programs, e.g. LOOP, have worked to keep existing homeowners in gentrifying neighborhoods.

4/25/18, Jim Saksa

Councilman Domb proposes drastically removing on-street parking in Center City to address increased congestion.

4/26/18, Ryan Briggs

More voices weigh in on the proposed construction privilege tax.

4/27/18, Claudia Vargas

Councilman Domb’s scrutiny of the Mayor’s budget raises a question about a $33 million dollar discrepancy in City bank accounts.

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