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What We're Reading: 4/13/2018

Here's what we're reading this week about the projects, people and policies driving local development:

4/9/18, Michaela Winberg

Frank DiCicco declares that multi-family variance appeals will need to show how they are handling storage of trash to get approvals.

4/9/18, Jim Saksa

Philadelphia City Council votes to eliminate the EV parking program it suspended last year, but has yet to come up with an alternative proposal for EV charging stations.

4/9/18, Alison Burdo

The PA Dept of Labor and Industry awarded $1mm to 12 apprenticeship programs in Philadelphia to develop 500 new jobs across multiple industries.

4/9/18, Jake Blumgart

Councilwoman Bass introduces a bill to add cost and complexity to the RCO process and promises to introduce more upcoming bills adding costs for property owners.

4/11/18, Jake Blumgart

WHYY covers Council’s announcement of a 1% construction tax for all projects in Philadelphia getting a building permit (Development Workshop was interviewed for this article).

4/12/18, Jim Saksa

Drexel’s President John Fry links investment in Amtrak’s Northeast corridor with the ability to attract and keep jobs in our area.

4/12/18, Jake Blumgart

The level of evictions in Philadelphia, compared with peer cities, is causing City Council respond to complaints.

4/11/18, Jake Blumgart

In Council testimony, L&I Commissioner David Perri points out that with rooming houses not allowed in residential zoning districts, so they go unregistered, and that this is the real problem with assuring safe conditions in this housing type that many people need to keep a roof over their heads.

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