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What We're Reading: 3/30/2018

Here's what we're reading this week about the projects, people and policies driving local development:

3/19/18, Dan McGraw

Euclid Ohio, famous for its 1920’s Supreme Court zoning case, is now breaking ground in a novel approach to creating waterfront access for a public trail, created by way of a private agreement with waterfront landowners.


The federal spending bill includes a 12.5% increase in allocations of Low Income Housing Tax Credits, despite administration request to make cuts to this and other housing programs.

3/23/18, Jim Saksa

Think traffic congestion in Center City has been getting worse…well, you’re right!

3/28/18, Jake Blumgart

With not enough affordable housing subsidies available, informal rooming houses often fill that gap, but many are not up to building code. This led to a tragic fire last week.

3/29/18, Melissa Wylie

People staying in homes longer is fueling hiring in home remodeling retail stores.

3/26/18, Emily Opilo

A court ruling would require Pennsylvania to reveal the tax incentives it is offering Amazon to locate in Pennsylvania.

3/29/18, Jim Saksa

SEPTA releases a study showing a $3bn impact of the transit system.

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