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What We're Reading: 2/2/2018

Here's what we're reading this week about the projects, people and policies driving local development:

1/2/2018, Diana Lu

City Council introduces new legislation regarding acquisition of properties by the Land Bank…but is the concern how the Land Bank acquires property or how it disposes of property?

1/25/18, Melissa Romero

Curbed Philly looks at 15 innovative adaptive reuse projects across Philadelphia.

Econsult Solutions Inc. released a report on the State of North Broad, looking at development, economic, safety, transportation, and employment activity along the North Broad corridor, from City Hall to Erie Avenue.

1/26/18, Melissa Romero

Revised King of Prussia light rail line gets community approval.

1/27/18, Claudia Vargas

Rebecca Rynhart outlines changes she is making to the structure and operations of the City Controller’s office.


PA Treasurer releases study of the projected impact that low individual retirement savings by PA residents will have future Commonwealth public assistance costs.

12/20/17, Matthew Rothstein

Bisnow’s 2018 Forecast panel opines on investment capital in the Philadelphia market and the occupancy issues with new, high-end residential buildings.

2/1/18, Tony Abraham

A South Kensington based non-profit wants to place a health center in every public school in Philadelphia, following a model in 20 schools in the Commonwealth.

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