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What We're Reading: 12/15/2018

Here's what we're reading this week about the projects, people and policies driving local development:

12/8/17, Julie Zeglen

The Village of Arts and Humanities was awarded a major grant towards its place-based arts and civics project.

12/8/17, Larry Platt

The Philadelphia Citizen describes why the Eagles are the most civic engaged team in the NFL.

12/14/17, Claudia Vargas

PHA racks up even more costs for Sharswood, to set aside compensation for condemned properties, many of which have tax liens in excess of their value.

12/14/17, Albert Hong

Mayor Kenney starts first steps to decide what a City controlled School Board would look like and what considerations are most important in assembling School Board members.


The role of race in the design of public spaces was the topic of a forum for design professionals.

12/16/17, Katie Meyer

The State House passed several bills to limit the Governor’s fiscal authority during budget impasses, and change some rules around the budget process, but the bills did not include limiting payment to House members during budget impasses.

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