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What We're Reading: 11/10/2017

Here's what we're reading this week about the projects, people and policies driving local development:

11/1/2017, Joe Leonard

The Art Commission approved installation of 100+ advertising kiosks that include device charging stations, to be located along Center City sidewalks.

11/6/2017, Malcolm Burnley

Through ReBuild, rec centers look to expand their mission, partnering with non-city organizations to widen the role of rec centers in their neighborhoods to serve a broader local population.

11/3/2017, Julie Zeglen

Germantown came in first in a national American Express historic preservation competition and will receive funds to repair and upgrade two locally important buildings along Germantown Avenue.

11/7/2017, Tom MacDonald

With multiple squatter bills proposed, the bill introduced by Councilman Oh was voted down in Committee, but there is desire for a compromise measure.

11/5/2017, Catalina Jaramillo

The City of Philadelphia is providing disaster relief for hundreds of residents from Puerto Rico who have come to Philadelphia due to family ties, but the federal government is still not supplying any federal disaster funding for housing or services for PR evacuees.

11/6/2017, Alison Burdo

Philadelphia’s bid to win Amazon HQ2 cost $245,000.

11/7/2017, Roxanne Patel Shepelavy

The Citizen asks if City (Council) bureaucracy, including “Councilmanic prerogative” and deep poverty are keeping Philadelphia from implementing “smart city” technologies to increase information and improve service delivery.

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