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What We're Reading: 10/27/2017

Here's what we're reading this week about the projects, people and policies driving local development:

10/19/2017, Jake Blumgart

City Council introduced bills to add requirements to the building demolition process.

10/16/2017, City Council

Philadelphia releases its website that was created to sell Amazon on Philadelphia, and the testimonials tell the core of Philadelphia’s appeal to existing businesses: Location, talent, vibrant work/life balance and cultural attractions, exciting food scene, superlative health care and medical innovation, and throughout the testimonials, the hard working, results-oriented work culture of grit and scrappy determination.

10/20/2017, Kristen A. Graham & Chris Brennan

The School Reform Commission is likely to vote this fall to return control of the Philadelphia School District to local, versus state control, which could be in place by the 2018-19 school year.

10/23/2017, Jim Saksa

PlanPhilly finishes up its “what if Amazon chose Philly?” series with an examination of what Philadelphia’s “quality of life” means to transplants.

10/25/2017, Jason Gottesman

PA Senate passes a bill for stronger enforcement of “Stop and Go” stores, in support of neighborhoods.

10/26/2017, Jan Murphy

Funding for the 2017-18 PA fiscal year budget may finally be agreed upon in Harrisburg, only four months late.

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