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What We're Reading: 9/8/2017

Here's what we're reading this week about the projects, people and policies driving local development:

8/29/2017, Julia Terruso

A second project under construction by OCF Realty is hit by arson.

8/29/2017, Tom MacDonald City Councilwoman attempts to unilaterally state that a permanent infrastructure project is a temporary pilot project, despite an involved public process leading to the implementation of the project.

8/29/2017, Jake Blumgart

Judge allows church adaptive reuse project to proceed.

8/31/2017, Jake Blumgart

Jumpstart Germatown helps budding developers in Germantown get started, with a model that is already being replicated in other “middle neighborhoods”.

9/1/2017, JB Wogan

Is population growth the only measure of the health of a city? Better, not bigger is proposed as a measure.

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