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What We're Reading: 7/21/2017

Here's what we're reading this week about the projects, people and policies driving local development:

Venice Beach Is a Hot Place to Live, So Why Is Its Housing Supply Shrinking?

7/16/2017, Laura Kusito

The Wall Street Journal reports that Fishtown is the third hardest zip code in the United States for developers to bring new projects to construction, WSJ links this anti-development climate with reducing affordable housing in the area as well.

Cry me a River: Central Delaware advocates debate changes to waterfront zoning, height limits

7/14/2017, Jake Blumgart

The first of a summer of community meetings over proposed zoning updates for the Delaware River waterfront started last week.

The Philadelphia Housing Index Flattens in May

Jonathan Tannen, Ph.D.

Econsult Solutions looks at housing sales trends in Philadelphia for the first half of 2017.

Ori Feibush sues Kenyatta Johnson again over Point Breeze real estate

7/17/2017, Mark Dent

Another lawsuit challenges alleged Councilmanic prerogative in awarding Land Bank owned properties.

PICA approves city's five-year plan, warns not enough savings

7/18/2017, Claudia Vargas

Philadelphia’s five year spending plan is reviewed by PICA.

Building A Better Principal

7/18/2017, Roxanne Patel Shepeleavy

Philadelphia Academy of School Leaders has been running a program to teach Philadelphia school principals to be entrepreneurs.

Pace of Philly historic preservation accelerates as Historical Commission matches last year’s total by July

7/18/2017, Jake Blumgart

Historic nominations increase in 2017.

Five years into remapping process, City Council has yet to rezone half of the city

7/20/2017, Jake Blumgart

Philadelphia’s Planning Commission has been proposing zoning remapping based on the 18 District plans, but City Council members have been been mixed on introducing the necessary legislation to enact Planning Commission’s remapping.

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