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What We're Reading: 6/9/2017

Here's what we're reading this week about the projects, people and policies driving local development:

Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission

Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission releases a detailed “Philadelphia Delivery Handbook” highlighting the range of issues involved in addressing the traffic and street congestion problems caused by the rapidly increasing scale of ecommerce package deliveries. The Handbook even lays out how many deliveries it takes to produce a cheesesteak

Constitution Center is in the process of working with Philadelphia Schools to identify recipients of a total of $175,000 in prizes to schools through its annual Civic Literacy Contest

Proposals to replace school property taxes with alternative funding may be gaining traction in Harrisburg

6/2/17, Melissa Romero

James Long LaSalle analyst Clint Randall reviews the current state of reports about Philadelphia’s current residential rental market

6/3/17, Anna Orso

Not waiting for ReBuild to start, Graduate neighborhood residents fund “pop-up” improvements to their local City pool at Marian Anderson Rec Center

6/5/17, Paul Engelkemier

The Mid-Atlantic office of Housing and Urban Development gets a new Regional Director

6/8/17, Jake Blumgart
A surprising benefit of new ultra-luxury condos is that the business executives they attract would likely bring their company headquarters back into the city with them, based on studies of how CEO’s decide where to locate their companies

6/9/17, Inga Saffron

The extent of Center City gridlock due to the large increase in delivery trucks is reported on by the Inquirer

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