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REPORT: Philadelphia releases its three year Vision Zero Action Plan

The City of Philadelphia released it's Vision Zero Draft Three-Year Action Plan for public comment. Read the full Action Plan here.


Letter from Vision Zero Task Force

Residents of Philadelphia,

We are proud to present the 2017 City of Philadelphia’s Vision Zero Draft Three-Year Action Plan for public comment. This Three-Year Action Plan outlines Vision Zero’s near-term goals. It is rooted Mayor Kenney’s commitment to improving the traffic safety and saving lives, and is a result of a collaboration of various governmental agencies, as well as community and advocacy groups. This Action Plan relies on certain fundamental principles to eliminate traffic-related death by 2030:

  • Traffic deaths are preventable and unacceptable.

  • Human life is our highest priority.

  • Preserving human life takes priority over convenience.

  • Philadelphia’s transportation system should be safe for all of its users, in all neighborhoods.

  • Human error is inevitable and unpredictable. Our transportation system should be designed to anticipate human error, so that the consequence is not death or severe injury.

  • Safe human behaviors, education and enforcement are essential contributors to a safe transportation system.

  • People are inherently vulnerable and speed is a fundamental predictor of crash survival. Our transportation system should be designed for speeds that protect human life.

Equity must always be a guiding principle in Vision Zero, as well as in the implementation of any traffic safety measures. The City and the Vision Zero Task Force recognize that children, the elderly, people living with physical disabilities, and those who live below the poverty line are disproportionately impacted by traffic-related fatalities and severe injuries. This is unacceptable. We believe that all people—regardless of age, physical ability, income—deserve to be able to travel safely on our city streets, regardless of how they choose to travel.

We welcome Philadelphia’s diverse voices to participate in the Vision Zero conversation. From our website——you will be able comment on the Plan and share your stories. Your unique experiences and points of view will be critical to understanding the barriers to achieving our vision of zero traffic-related deaths by 2030 and developing both a final Three Year Action Plan and subsequent Action Plan updates that will guide Vision Zero forward. In service, Vision Zero Task Force

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