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What We're Reading: 2/24/2017

Here's what we're reading this week about the projects, people and policies driving local development:

2/17/2017, Julia Terruso

The rebuilding of a library in North Philly is pointed out by Mayor Kenney as a potential model for construction under the ReBuild program.

2/16/2017, Ryan Briggs

As the Federal Dept of Labor looks to reverse a rule allowing municipalities to require private employers to set up retirement plans for their employees, City Council explores local options, following the lead taken by New York City and Seattle to maintain this legislative option.

2/16/2017, Jerry Gaul

Former Mayor Nutter adds another post-mayoral post, at the University of Pennsylvania, a fellowship studying solutions to poverty in Philadelphia and other cities.

2/15/2017, Jason Laughlin

Could express bus service on Roosevelt Blvd add value to sites near the new express bus stations?

2/15/2017, Inga Saffron Girard Avenue from Broad Street to 8th Street shows the difference in the City’s view of density in development from the 1990’s to today…and its enduring legacy, as well as how it impacts today’s zoning decision.

2/14/2017, Prema Katari Gupta

In advance of a February 28th Penn Praxis “dialogue” on the role of historic buildings in a changing city, this article looks at the role of the mix of old and new buildings in the revival of the Navy Yard.


Penn Praxis defines the three aspects of “public good” in relation to preservation that will be explored in its February 28th program.

ULI is holding a morning panel presentation on February 28th on Building for Innovation, looking at Bok Vocational Hub, Wexford Science + Technology Center and the Pennovation Center as development projects that are enabling Philadelphia to compete nationally as a innovation and business creation center.

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