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What We're Reading: 2/17/2017

Here's what we're reading this week about the projects, people and policies driving local development:

Inquirer Editorial: Transparency crucial in spending funds to fix parks, rec centers, and libraries 2/10/2017, Inquirer Editorial Board

The Inquirer weighs into the scrum of battle over how $500 million in ReBuild contracts should be awarded by the City.

MOVING FORWARD:In a new report, Paul Levy lays bare why Philly lags behind in economic growth … and what we can do about it

2/15/17, Larry Platt

Paul Levy answers questions about Philadelphia’s slow job and population growth in comparison with other major cities.

Chestnut Hill group broadens focus to integrate preservation and conservation2/13/17, Alan Jaffe

Not all preservation discussions are focused on the Greater Center City area. Chestnut Hill merged its historic and natural conservation organizations, with a focus on maintaining the Wissahickon watershed, and properties included in the National Historic Register District.

DN Editorial: Clarke, council must work with Kenney on Rebuild program

2/13/17, Daily News Editorial Board

The Daily News comes out in support of keeping oversight and contracting through ReBuild under the Mayor’s direction, citing the need for a citywide, not District by District perspective to set priorities for needs to be addressed by the $500 million infusion of infrastructure spending on parks, rec centers and libraries citywide.

PennDesign Faculty Help Launch $14 Million Transportation Research Center

2/1/17, Molly Lester

Penn gets $14mm USDOT grant to establish an interdisciplinary Transportation Research Center, in conjunction with Carnegie Mellon, to study the impact of evolving transportation technologies and needs on urban design and policy.

The Security Challenge: Building around 21st-Century Threats2/13/17, Patrick J. Kliger

Urban Land highlights the elaborate coordinated security elements of building design and management in place in newly constructed mixed-use complexes to address multiple security threats.

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