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What We're Reading: 2/3/2017

Here's what we're reading this week about the projects, people and policies driving local development:

1/26/2017, Julie Zeglen

Individual donor pool makes first grants to needy neighborhood public schools as the “Philadelphia Public School Giving Circle” kicks off

1/26/2017, Ryan Briggs

The Populist wave raises new talk in Harrisburg of complete elimination of real estate property taxes.

1/26/2017, Carmen Del Raval

Funding and other obstacles to effectively address the lead paint crisis in Pennsylvania are debated in Harrisburg and around the Commonwealth.

1/27/2017, Joseph N. DiStefano

The Inquirer examines the impact of various business regulations enacted by City Council on the City’s ability to attract and retain private employers.

1/27/2017, Natalie Kostelni

Tom Corcoran to retire as President of the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation, effective June 30th, replacement already named

1/30/2017, Deborah Diamond

Philadelphia may be bucking the national trend of slowing Millenial migration to cities.

1/30/2017, Melissa Romero

A new Center City District report shows Philadelphia’s poverty rate has increased in every neighborhood outside of the city center since 1970.

1/31/2017, Catalina Jaramillo

After decades of dealing with the impacts of what was called the largest urban renewal project in the country, the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority (PRA) officially launched a new planning and feasibility study to decide the future of Lower Eastwick’s 190 acres of publicly owned land.

1/31/2017, Jacob Adelman

Family Court redevelopment gets Historic Tax Credit approval, providing $14 million in funding for the project.

2/1/2017, Angie Schmitt

How much parking is really needed at Transit Oriented Developments?

2/1/2017, Steve Esack

State legislature and Governor examine property tax reform.

2/1/2017, Jared Brey

Urban Land Institute recently held a preservation forum at Villanova, looking at the impact of historic preservation project nationally, with a focus on Philadelphia area projects. From 2001-2014, $351million in historic tax credits were awarded to 277 projects in the Philadelphia.

2/1/2017, Jake Blumgart

Councilman Domb is pushing for tax lien securitization, Council President Clarke has concerns, and the administration stance is still unknown.

2/2/2017, Tricia L. Nadolny

Sanctuary city status may become an issue in Philadelphia’s budget planning this year.

Mayors nationally send a letter to the President explaining the need to include parks in funding for infrastructure projects:

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