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2017 Philadelphia Trail Plan

January 2017, David Kanthor

The Planning Commission released their 2017 Trail Plan Update, which contains a revised priority ranking for proposed trail projects citywide as well as a priority ranking for the rehabilitation of existing trails. It's an update to the Philadelphia Trail Master Plan, which is a recommendation of Philadelphia 2035, the City’s Comprehensive Plan.

The 2017 Update builds on the Master Plan adopted by the Philadelphia City Planning Commission in 2013 and its subsequent annual updates in 2014 and 2015. Notable completed projects in 2016 include the Delaware Avenue Extension 1A Sidepath and the Sugar House Trail Extension. These are two new segments of the Circuit, the 750-mile network of existing and proposed trails in the greater Philadelphia region.

There are more than 3 miles of trail currently under construction, including a major link along the North Delaware Trail, known as the Baxter Trail, which will connect from Pennypack on the Delaware to Pleasant Hill Park. Two sections of the Schuylkill River Trail are under construction and due to open in Spring 2017, from South Street to Christian Street and Bartram’s Mile, respectively.I n addition, with the opening of a number of new trail segments in 2017, the committee will work with the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission to expand its program to measure trail use through regular trail counts.

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