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What We're Reading: 1/27/2017

Here's what we're reading this week about the projects, people and policies driving local development:

1/23/2017, Darrell L. Clarke

Council President Clarke calls for moratorium on Sheriff sales of vacant, tax-delinquent land to review Revenue policies and to move more land disposition from Sheriff sales to the Land Bank.

1/23/2017, Mike Dunn

Mayor Jim Kenney appoints Mike Carroll as Deputy Managing Director of Transportation. Mike comes with 25 years of experience in transportation planning and will oversee the Streets Department, Philadelphia Water Department, and the Office of Complete Streets as Deputy Managing Director.

1/24/2017, Jake Blumgart

Toll Brothers unveils plans for Jeweler’s Row condo, amid concerns of maintaining the area’s historical nature of the properties.

1/24/2017, Jacob Adelman

Toll Brothers release plans for 29-story condominium on Jeweler’s Row. Their plan receives criticism from preservationists for the destruction of historical 18th and 19th century properties.

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