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Policy Brief: Evictions in Philadelphia

January 2017, Reinvestment Fund

This brief includes an overview of select housing market data in Philadelphia followed by a summary of the eviction filings: rates, patterns and areas for further inquiry into the eviction issue in the city of Philadelphia. Eviction filing records for this brief cover the period 2010- 2015, inclusive, and originate with Philadelphia’s Landlord-Tenant Court.

Eviction rates are a strong tell of neighborhood stability and quality of life. While eviction rates are of concern citywide due to rising rents and stagnant incomes, eviction rates in Philadelphia are not evenly distributed across city neighborhoods. For example, the expanded Center City area (including parts of West Philadelphia near the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University) has low eviction rates. This corresponds to areas that in recent years have experienced significant new construction of high-end apartment buildings and rehabilitation activity as well as, in some instances, fairly dramatic shifts in the household and population profiles.

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