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Zoning Changes Proposed in Council Bill 161003

The zoning changes proposed in Council Bill 161003, a 40 page bill with a range of proposed changes, are summarized below.

Key points in proposed Bill 161003:

  • Density and height bonuses

  • Deed restrictions to monitor maintenance of items awarding bonuses

  • Deed restriction for public space to be for the life of the building

  • Approval and deed restriction at zoning approval, not C of O

  • PCPC must review design of public space prior to issuance of zoning permit

  • Criteria for affordable housing bonus defined in more detail

  • Housing affordability provision to last for 15 years

  • Payment in lieu of on-site affordable units defined

  • Retail space qualifying use to carry 15 year deed restriction

  • Fresh food markets

  • Requiring 15 year deed restriction

  • Definitions of CMX 2.0, 2.5 and RM 4 zoning designations

  • Unit counts in CMX 2.5

  • Dimensional standards in RM 4

  • Primary frontages and setbacks

  • Lots on multiple street frontages

  • Irregularly shaped lots

  • To maintain primary objectives of street build-to lines and setbacks

  • Accessory parking

  • Restrictions on parking in RSA-5, RM-1, CMX 2.0 and CMX 2.5 to require access from shared driveway, alley or rear street

  • Prohibiting parking between the building line and the street line

  • In CMX 3: access restrictions and requirement for Special Exception

  • In RMX 3, CMX 4, CMX 5: Special Exception required, except for underground parking garages

  • Loading space requirements

  • In response to smaller building and smaller sites where full sized tractor-trailer trucks were not the size used for deliveries and servicing

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