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In the News: PBJ debuts "Crane Watch: The Big Map of Projects"

In February, Philadelphia Business Journal debuted a new interactive web feature that tracks local construction and development. Crane Watch: The Big Map of Projects allows users to click on a project on the map and find out more information about the development.

For the full story — and the interactive map — check out the Philadelphia Business Journal website.


Philadelphia Business Journal: Crane Watch: The Big Map of Projects

By Natalie Kostelni | February 16, 2016

Chronicling the construction boom underway in Philadelphia and throughout the region is a major part of our mission at the Philadelphia Business Journal.

It’s hard not to stumble upon a new development. Projects dot the skyline. Take a walk down just about any Center City or University City street and there’s construction work going on. Head further afield to the Navy Yard, Northern Liberties, King of Prussia, Pa., or even across the Delaware River in Camden, N.J., and there’s a lot of construction being done there, too. Even existing developments are getting infused with upgrades and capital improvements.

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