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DW in the News: "Zoning Feedback: Sitting down with Development Workshop's Craig Schelter&q

In 2010, Executive Director Craig Schelter sat down with PlanPhilly's Nick Gilewicz to discuss the revision of Philadelphia's zoning code.


PlanPhilly: Zoning Feedback: Sitting down with Development Workshop's Craig Schelter

By Nick Gilewicz | December 14, 2010

Craig Schelter's been around the Philadelphia city planning block. Trained as an architect, his first job out of graduate school at Harvard was working for Ed Bacon, and six months later he became the Center City planner. He was executive director of the Planning Commission for 15 years, the executive vice president of the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation for 19 years, and now consults on planning and economic development issues.

Why the resume? Because when it comes to the revision of Philadelphia's zoning code, Schelter had this to say.

"I never in my time in Philadelphia have dealt with something this complicated, in thinking through the ramifications."

Schelter also heads up the Development Workshop, the seeds of which were laid in 2007.

"We started to see that there needed to be a voice for the development community that kept a focus on making things happen," Schelter says.

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