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What We're Reading: Week of August 9, 2022

What We're Reading

Here's what we're reading this week about the projects, people and policies driving local development:

by Inga Saffron, Updated August 8, 2022

by Jake Blumgart, Updated August 7, 2022

A notification from 1031corp highlights the little-noticed provision of the new Pennsylvania budget that will bring the Commonwealth in line with the other 49 states, starting in 2023, in not taxing 1031 real estate exchanges after being the lone holdout to not share the federal tax exemption.

by John George, August 8, 2022

by Natalie Kostelni, July 25, 2022

by by Jeremy Roebuck and Michaelle Bond, Updated July 27, 2022

by Ashley Fahey, August 11, 2022

by Lily Katz, July 20, 2022


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