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Philadelphia’s Economic Recovery - March 2022


Philadelphia’s Economic Recovery

Published March 15, 2022

As Philadelphia marks the two-year anniversary of the mandated citywide COVID-19 shutdown on March 16, 2020, Center City continues to show promising signs of recovery, buoyed by rising numbers of pedestrians who are supporting increases in retail and restaurant sales, local tax revenue, new store openings and downtown vibrancy.

The just-updated Positive Signs of Philadelphia’s Economic Recovery monthly report from Center City District/Central Philadelphia Development Corporation provides a snapshot of current conditions based on key economic indicators such as employment, commercial office and housing market trends, tax collections, transit ridership, parking volumes and pedestrian activity in Center City and citywide.

For a narrative of trends, along with explanatory charts tracking the recovery, download the 13-page report at Positive Signs of Philadelphia’s Economic Recovery, March 2022.

In the News March 17, 2022 | Two Years of COVID: Economic Recovery, 6abc


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