What We're Reading: 3/24/2017


Here's what we're reading this week about the projects, people and policies driving local development:


Proposed 'sex-positive community center' gets fair hearing from Tacony residents

3/24/2017, Jake Blumgart

Civility reigned, surprisingly, at the Tacony RCO meeting to review a proposal for a “sex-postive community center."


Council supportive of higher city permit fees, funds to support L&I, Historical Commission

3/24/2017, Jake Blumgart

Development Workshop, GBCA and Preservation Alliance testify to the Committee on Licenses & Inspections in favor of increased permit fees to improve services at L&I and related City departments.


Introducing Game of Zones, our mad quest to find DC’s favorite zoning district

3/23/2017, Payton Chung

March Madness inspires a group in DC to come up with “Game of Zones”, a bracket for  finding the “winning zone."


Here's why Miami and Phoenix are about to surpass Philly's population

3/22/2017, Mari Schaefer
Updated population estimates for Philadelphia and the eight-county region were released this week…how close are Phoenix to Philadelphia and Metro Miami to Metro Philly? 


SPEED: Fast Cities
3/20/2017, Joe Cortwright

In a study of traffic speed and congestion, Philadelphia fell solidly in the middle among a long list of the largest metropolitan regions.

SEPTA to pick Massachusetts-based company to build bilevel railcars over Hyundai Rotem in South Philly
3/17/2017, Jim Saksa 

SEPTA announces bids to build first bi-level commuter train cars, does not recommend local manufacturer.

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